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W-FiネットワークだけでiPad/ iPhone/ iPod Touch/ Windows/ Mac間で自由に相互写真と動画を転送できるアプリ。

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BlackBerry Tour 9630 Review

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The battle among the Smartphone makers to compete in the market gets stiffer as the Research In Motion, company which manufactures Blackberry handsets have announced the launch of their new Blackberry Tour model this summer. Prior to this announcement the Apple had stated that they would roll out their new iPhone 3GS model very soon and the Palm Pre was launched on June 6. The main aspect of this new Blackberry Tour 9630 model is that it is capable of enabling transition among various mobile networks which is operated outside the North American continent. This feature is a strategic move which makes it possible for this company to divert the customer's focus away from the Apple's iPhone 3GS buzz.

BlackBerry Tour 9630 Review BlackBerry Tour 9630 Review

The new Blackberry Tour model will be available for the users of the Verizon and the Sprint networks from this summer. The current version of Blackberry 8830, the only phone allowing the users to access different networks is almost two years old. In order to provide the customers of the Sprint and the Verizon with the updated mobile features to keep up the new trends and the expectations of the mobile users, the new Blackberry Tour model will be a big respite for all of them.

This new model will benefit large number of the international travelers due to its compatibility with the other foreign networks. The need for mobile which is capable of achieving very good web connectivity is of great demand among the mobile users, keeping this point in the fray; the new Blackberry tour model has come with an exquisite range of features which will provide seamless access to the net connectivity with the incorporation of the latest of all the big technologies.

The other big thing about this new Blackberry model is that it has given great importance to the design and the ergonomic aspect of the keyboard. This product has all the capabilities to compete with the Apple iPhone 3GS and very stay in contention to be one of the best producers of the handsets and to maintain their reputation. The media and the other multimedia features of the new Blackberry models is stated to be given a big boost due to the various new features which has been stuffed into this handset. The mobile analysts have termed this new Blackberry Tour model to be very much superior in the video and the music aspect when compared to the previous models of Blackberry Curve and the Blackberry Bold. Similar to the previous two Blackberry models, the new model comes with a GPS facility and a 3.2 Mega pixel camera. The model also features a 3.5 mm audio jack and the microSD card is required to record the video contents. The synchronization facility is also available to copy the music from the iTunes and the windows media player.

The chief executive of the Research In Motion stated the new model will be useful in trapping the mobile customers who are looking to upgrade their existing cell pone into a smart phone which is filled with features supporting the wireless access.

The physical characteristics of this new Blackberry model are also very appealing. The display when measured diagonally is 2.44 inches. The standout feature of this mobile is believed to be the resolution of the display screen, which is far ahead than the previous versions of the Blackberry. The dimensions of the mobile is 4.4 x 2.4 x 0.5 inches (length x breadth x thickness). The external memory can be used to store 16 GB of data with the help of the memory card, which sums it to 32 GB of total storage space, not bad at all.

The network operator Sprint Nextel has stated that the new Blackberry model will sell at $199.99, which includes the two year contract and also rebates. The sale of the various Smartphone is sure to increase this year due to the growing competition which has lead to tremendous fall in the price of the Smartphone handsets. The Apple had announced that their new iPhone 3GS will be out for sale from Friday.

An analyst stated that he expects Verizon to start selling the new Blackberry model from mid-July period. It is also expected that the Blackberry will be selling as much as four hundred thousand to six hundred thousand handsets within the month of the August.

The date for the launch of this new model was not disclosed by the RIM authorities and the Blackberry will be available in Canada through the BCE and the Telus.

There are many customers of the Verizon and the Sprint who wish to have a mobile handset with better equipped operating systems. The new Blackberry Tour model is developed to satisfy the requirements' of all those customers.

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