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Important Tips:

  • Delivery of the software
  • The delivery of the software is via download, which is convenient for customers to get it quickly, while mailing CD is not available, which is also slow. You can download the latest version from our website any time. Please take down the URL of our website when necessary to avoid been forgotten. The purchased full version is based on registering the trial version downloaded from our website.
  • Email containing registration information
  • If you place an order of our product and have finished ordering procedures, you will receive an email immediately containing the registration name and code automatically sent from our email system. Please check the information in the email carefully.
  • Not received the email yet
  • If you do not receive your code after several hours, please check your spam filtering in case that our registration email gets marked as spam and sorted into a "junk" folder or deleted. If so, please email us about this.
  • Register the software
  • After installation, please register the program with the registration name and code you received. Registration tips: Run the program and go to Help> Register. There will be a registration dialog box. Input the name and registration code. Then click "OK".
  • Invalid registration code
  • Please check out the program you have ordered and the one you are using first. Make sure they are the same. If so, please check the user name carefully whether there is punctuation or other symbols, whether blank spaces are added accidentally. Besides, please figure out whether the code matches the software type and version. We recommend users to copy and paste the code for registering the program.
  • Backup the program
  • You may burn the program with the text of registration name and code to the disc or put them to your flash memory card, SD, CF, MMC or mobile hard drive for backup. Anyway, you can download the latest version from our website any time.
  • Upgrade the program
  • Below is the procedure:
    (1)Uninstall the old version first;
    (2)Download the latest version from our website;
    (3)Install the program and register it with the registration name and code you have got to get full version.
  • Request registration information and solutions by email
  • As for requesting registration information when you need, please send the detail of registration as much as you can especially your order ID, the full name and email address that you have used to buy the program and the time of the order. Please also tell us the name of the software you have ordered. We will check it and handle it in time. As for solutions, you can also email us.
  • Feedback the answer to your question
  • We handle customer emails ASAP on weekdays. We may have late responses as we may have different time zones or due to weekends or holiday.