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How to convert DVD movies and online videos to Blackberry 8830

Yeah, maybe you've got so many excellent videos and you definitely love them very much. Also, you have a smart Blackberry 8830 with you. So, you really want to fill all these videos with so comprehensive formats into your Blackberry, and take it along with you anywhere to play and enjoy them!

However, just one troubleshooting is, it is not available for you to play all of them due to the format limitation from your Blackberry. So, a part of the video files you previously collected from all channels won't work with Blackberry Media player. Then, how?

Here brings up a new converter just coming with the tide of fashion for your Blackberry! That is, our Clone2go DVD to Blackberry Converter.

Yes, you can play all the video files on your Blackberry device by converting them to supportable ones with Clone2go DVD to Blackberry Converter.

Clone2go DVD to Blackberry Converter is a powerful, versatile video converter software to help you convert various format video files from, Google video and other sites to supportable files. This method is working well. It is good news for the holders of Blackberry as Clone2go DVD to Blackberry converter provides you with the solution to take along video files of all formats with you to anywhere.

As a professional video conversion tool, Clone2go DVD to Blackberry Converter is equipped with a use-friendly interface and an easy-to-use style, which brings convenience to users. No matter whether you are a skillful pc operator or the beginner, you may find it easy to convert the video files for your Blackberry. What's more, Clone2go DVD to Blackberry Converter converts video clips at high speed with high quality of output files. Just a few clicks are enough to convert so many complicated formats for your digital entertainment life!  

1. video formats you can not play with your Blackberry

DivX, XviD, VOB, ASF, DV, 3GP, M1V and M2V

Do not worry, please get close to our Clone2go DVD to Blackberry Converter here!

2. Main window of Clone2go DVD to Blackberry Converter

How to...

3. tutorials for conversion

1) Add DVD movies, video files ,YouTube videos or Google videos

Enjoy DVD movie or video on your Blackberry

Insert the DVD disc into the disc drive, click "open DVD" button to import it. Or if the DVD movie or video is saved as a folder in your computer, you just need to click "Add video" button to locate that folder, which is composed of two separate folders: VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS. From the VIDEO_TS folder, you can select the .VOB file to import it then click OK.

Import videos already stored in your PC

You just need to click "Add video" button to locate it and import it.

Supportable formats are followings:

Audio Files (*.mp2;*.mp3;*.wav)
Windows Media Files (*.avi;*.wmv;*.asf;*.dvr-ms;*.ms-dvr)
MOV/MP4 Files (*.mov;*.mp4;*.3gp;*.m4v;*.qt)
Real Media Files (*.rm;*.rmvb)
Flash Video Files (*.flv)
MKV Video Files (*.mkv)
AviSyth Scripts (*.avs)
Other Video Files (*.mpq;*.dv;*.vob;*.m1v;*.m2v;*.dat;*.amv)

Enjoy online YouTube videos

-Click "YouTube" button in the main interface of your Clone2go DVD to Blackberry Converter.
-In the pop-up window, copy and paste the URLs of YouTube videos one by one.
There will be a list of added videos, which will be downloaded automatically one by one. And the downloading status is clearly shown in the list. After the status of all the videos indicates "completed," you can trick whatever you want on your Blackberry.

Tips: Preview the videos in the main interface after step one.

If you only want a clip of the videos, you can drag the "start to trim" and "stop to trim" button get the certain segment.

2. Choose a proper profile

Compared with other DVD to Blackberry Converter, Clone2go DVD to Blackberry Converter has more settings to customize as you can see in the screenshot below.

Note: From the profile graph above, we can learn Clone2go DVD to Blackberry Converter can also be used to convert DVD movies, videos files and YouTube videos to video formats for iPhone MPEG-4, a series of Blackberry videos, a series of Nokia videos, etc.

3. Start to encode

Now, you can click "start encode" button to starting ripping DVD movies/videos, converting videos and downloading or converting online YouTube videos for your Blackberry.

Note: The output files are easily found by clicking "folder" button in the main menu when your ripping or converting process is done.

4. Transfer the output files to your Blackberry

You can transfer the files to your device through the "application loader" in your Blackberry desktop software.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us