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How to Convert 3GP to iPad?

Note: If you are using Mac OS X, please refer to how to convert 3GP to iPad on Mac.

What is 3GP?

3GP is designed for effieciency to make it suitable for streaming across mobile phone networks and storing on mobile devices with very little storage capacity. Video rarely exceeds a resolution of 320x240 (or 368x208 for widescreen), and is usually 176x144 or 176x120. Audio will usually be encoded as either MP3 or AAC-LC (Low Complexity). Framerates for most mobile devices are Limited to 15fps.


The Apple iPad can only play video and movie files in MP4, MOV or M4V format. If you want to transfer 3GP files to your iPad for playback, you need to get a converter that will go from 3GP to iPad video. The following guide will walk you through the steps to convert 3GP to iPad MPEG-4 video for viewing on Apple iPad using 3GP to iPad Converter.

Download and Install 3GP to iPad Converter

Download the latest version of 3GP to iPad Converter. Install and run it.

Download 3GP to iPad Converter

Convert 3GP to iPad

Add 3GP File

Click the "Add Video" button to import the 3GP file. Alternatively, you can click "File -> Add Video Files..." to add the 3GP file. You can also batch import 3GP files by clicking "File -> Batch Add Video Files".

Convert 3GP to iPad

Choose MP4 as Output Format

From the "Profile" drop-down list, choose the Apple iPod/iPad category if you are going to convert 3GP to iPad format for transferring to your iPad.

Convert 3GP to iPad

Note: You can also adjust the audio/video parameters to customize a specific profile that best fits your needs.

Start Converting 3GP to iPad

Click the "Start Encode" button to start to convert 3GP to iPad.

Download 3GP to iPad Converter

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