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How to convert FLV to iMovie and import FLV into iMovie

The following step by step FLV to iMovie tutorial is going to show you how to convert FLV to iMovie format and import FLV into iMovie using FLV to iMovie Converter.

Step 1. Add FLV Files

Download the latest version of FLV to iMovie Converter, install and run it.

Click the "Add Files" button to import the video clips stored on your Macintosh HD. Then you can get the video information in the manager panel.

convert FLV to iMovie

Step 2. Select output format: "MPEG-4 Movie (*.mp4)"

Video formats accepted by iMovie include MPEG-2 and AVCHD, DV-Standard and HDV (High Definition Video), QuickTime Movie, MEPG-4.

After the video files are imported, go to the "Output" panel. Click the "Profile" drop-down list to choose the format that best fits your needs. Here, just choose "Customized MP4 Movie (*.mp4)".

Convert FLV to iMovie

Step 3. Start to convert

After all the necessary settings, just click the "Convert Now" button to start converting FLV to iMovie on your Mac machine.

Step 4. Export the output file to iMovie

Launch iMovie, go to "File > Import > Movies...". Select the converted MP4 video then click "Import".

Convert FLV to iMovie

Below are a few Tips and Tricks while using FLV to iMovie Converter to convert FLV to iMovie format.

Tips 1. Trim video file

Sometimes, you may want only part of the video file. This FLV to iMovie Converter can help you trim the video file in two methods:

Method 1: Specify the "Start Time" and "Stop Time" under the manager panel within the accuracy of second.

Method 2: Trim the video while previewing it. In the "Preview" window, you can play the movie. Here, you can click the "Trim Begin" and "Trim End" buttons to get the certain part of the video while playing it back.

convert FLV to iMovie

Tips 3. Customize Profile

You may not be satisfied with the profile provided to you. In this case, you can click the "Customize..." button next to "Profile" box to customize a profile. In the following "Profile Settings" Window, you can adjust Video Size, Frame Rate, Encoder, Bitrate; Audio Sample Rate, Channels, Encoder, Bitrate, etc to meet your specific needs.

convert FLV to iMovie

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