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Mac DVD Ripper Guide - How to Rip DVD on Mac OS X

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The following step-by-step Mac DVD Ripper user guide is going to show you how to rip DVD to AVI, rip DVD to MOV, rip DVD to MP4, rip DVD to FLV, rip DVD to M4V, etc on Mac OS X using Clone2Go DVD Ripper for Mac.

Add DVD Movie

Download the latest version of Clone2Go DVD Ripper for Mac, install and run it.

Download Clone2Go DVD Ripper for Mac

Click the "Open DVD" button to import your DVD movie. After the movie is loaded, there will be list showing each DVD chapter/title. From the table, you can know about the Name, Duration, Video Size, etc about the DVD movie.

rip DVD on Mac

Note: Check out the longest DVD chapter/title, which is usually the main content of the DVD movie.

Output Settings

After the DVD is imported, go to the "Output" panel. Click the "Profile" drop-down list to choose the format that best meets your needs. For example, if you want to convert DVD for playback on your iPad, just choose "Apple iPod/iPad" in the drop-down list. From the subcategory, choose "iPad H.264 HD Video" and you will get the output video in iTunes friendly format ready for syncing to your iPad.

rip DVD on Mac

Start to Convert

After all the necessary settings, just click the "Convert Now" button to start rip DVD on your Mac.

There are a few tips and tricks while using this DVD Ripper for Mac to rip DVD on Mac to a specific video or audio format for playback on popular portable players such as iPad, iPod, iPhone, Apple TV, PSP, BlackBerry, etc.

Tips 1. YouTube Downloader

Clone2Go DVD Ripper for Mac works as a Free YouTube Downloader and Converter as well. Click the icon in the program interface. Then you can start to download and convert YouTube videos in the pop-up "Clone2Go YouTube Downloader" window. Learn more about how to download and convert YouTube videos with Clone2Go Free YouTube Downloader for Mac.

Tips 2. Trim DVD Title or Chapter

Sometimes, you may want only part of the DVD/Video. Clone2Go DVD Ripper for Mac can help you cut off the DVD/video in two methods:

Method 1: Specify the "Start Time" and "Stop Time" under the manager panel within the accuracy of second.

Method 2: Trim the movie while previewing it. In the "Preview" window, you can play the movie. Here, you can click the "Trim Begin" and "Trim End" buttons to get the certain part of the movie/video while playing it back.

rip DVD on Mac

Tips 3. Customize Profile

You may not be satisfied with the profile provided to you. In this case, you can click the "Customize..." button next to "Profile" box to customize a profile. In the following "Profile Settings" Window, you can adjust Video Size, Frame Rate, Encoder, Bitrate; Audio Sample Rate, Channels, Encoder, Bitrate, etc to meet your specific needs.

rip DVD on Mac

Tips 4. Select DVD Subtitle/Audio Track

A common DVD movie has several DVD subtitles and audio tracks. You can select any available DVD Audio Track and Subtitle to convert. Just extend the "DVD Audio" and "DVD Subtitle" drop-down menu and choose your favorite audio track and subtitle.

Note: If you want to remove DVD subtitle, just select "None" from the drop-down list. Likewise, if you want to rip DVD without audio, you just choose "None" from the "DVD Audio" menu.

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