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How to burn YouTube videos to DVD on Mac for free?

The following guide is going to show you how to download YouTube video, convert YouTube video and burn YouTube videos to DVD on Mac OS X (including Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard and 10.6 Snow Leopard) for free. It is composed of the following two parts:

Part 1. How to download YouTube video on Mac for free
Part 2. How to burn YouTube videos to DVD on Mac for free

Part 1. How to Free Download YouTube Video on Mac

1. Download Free YouTube Downloader for Mac, install and run it.

Free Download YouTube Video

2. Visit and go to the YouTube video page you'd like to download to your Mac. Copy the video link from the address bar of your browser.

Paste the link to the "Video Link:" box and click the "+Add" button, then it will be added to the manager panel at the top of the interface. To add more videos, just copy and paste the link to the the box and click the "+Add" button again. Then there will be a list of URL of Videos showing in the manager panel.

Download YouTube video for free

3. Choose the output format you need from the "Output Format" options.

Download videos from YouTube for free

4. Click the "..." button to locate to the folder you want to output the downloaded YouTube videos to.

Note: After the downloading and conversion process, you can click the "Folder" button to locate this folder and get the output videos.

5. Click the "Download" button to start downloading and converting YouTube videos.

Part 2. How to Free Burn YouTube Videos to DVD on Mac

To burn the downloaded YouTube videos to DVD, you can turn to Apple iDVD, which allows you to add QuickTime Movies, MP3 music, and digital photos to a DVD that can then be played on a commercial DVD player.

Note: The downloaded YouTube videos may not be imported to iDVD project. In this case, it is recommended that you download Video Converter for Mac to convert the downloaded YouTube videos to QuickTime movies first.

1. Launch iDVD and create a new project.

2. In the new project, switch to the "Media" tab and then go to "Movies".

3. In the "Movies" tab, find the downloaded YouTube videos and drag them to the left panel of the project.

burn YouTube videos to DVD with iDVD

4. After all necessary settings such as background music, themes, buttons, drop zones, click "File" -> "Burn DVD..." to start burning YouTube videos to DVD on Mac. You may also choose to save the project as Disc Image or VIDEO_TS Folder.

burn YouTube video to DVD with iDVD

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