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iPad VS Kindle

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How to Convert Flip Video to iPad on Mac?, which has dominated the young but fast-growing electronic book market for the past few years with the Kindle, could get its biggest threat, when Apple releases its iPad multimedia tablet.

iPad VS Kindle

The Kindle starts at $259 and is designed mainly for reading text on a gray-and-black screen. The iPad starts at $499, but with the higher price comes more functions: a color touch screen for downloading books from Apple's new iBookstore, surfing the Web, playing videos and games and more.

Now let's take a look at how iPad stands against the popular Amazon Kindle DX.

iPad VS Amazon Kindle DX

Below are main features of Kindle and iPad:


— Lower price. ($259)
— Light weight. (10.2 ounces. The iPad is 1.5 pounds.)
— Can wirelessly download books any time, anywhere from Amazon's Kindle Store without a monthly fee. The $499, entry-level iPad goes online only in Wi-Fi hot spots. Wireless connectivity anywhere requires an iPad that is $629 and up, plus a monthly service fee.
— Gray-scale "e-ink" screen that can be read in direct sunlight.
— Battery lasts up to a week with wireless connection on, or two weeks with it off.


— LCD color touch screen is 9.7 inches diagonally, compared with 6 inches on the Kindle. That can give a more complete Web-surfing experience.
— It also functions as an iPod and video player.
— It can download music and videos from Apple's iTunes Store and games and applications from its App Store — including e-reading apps from Apple and other companies, such as Amazon.

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