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How to Modify DVD Audio Track and Subtitle with Clone2Go DVD Ripper

Basically, a common DVD disc has been embedded several audio tracks and subtitles. If you want to modify the default audio track and subtitle to your favorite audio track and subtitle, Clone2Go DVD Ripper can help you. Below are the steps:

1. Import the DVD disc into Clone2Go DVD Ripper.

2. Click the DVD title the audio track and subtitle of which you want to modify.

3. Make sure the "DVD Options" is not greyed out.

4. Modify the audio track. Extend the "DVD Options" button. Choose one of the available audio tracks from the "Audio" drop-down list.

5. Modify the subtitle. Choose one of the available subtitles from the "Subtitle" drop-down list.

If you are using the Mac version of Clone2Go DVD Ripper, please refer to the screenshots below:

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