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How to Convert DVD to iTunes for iPad/iPhone/iPod

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Thanks to the high audio/video quality, iPod and iPhone are always fantastic portable devices for playing videos. Meanwhile, we may want to watch DVD movies on iPod and iPhone. Yet, a general DVD is in MPEG-2 or VOB format with CSS copy protection. To get a DVD movie onto iPod and iPhone, you need a DVD ripping program to remove the protection and rip the DVD movie to iTunes compatible video first.

For PC users, there are lots of such programs that can rip DVD movies to iTunes videos. Among them, I prefer to use Clone2Go DVD Ripper. With Clone2Go DVD Ripper, you can convert all sorts of DVDs to iTunes for playback on iPad, iPhone and iPod, including purchased DVDs, original DVDs, DVD copies and even downloaded DVDs.

Below is the step by step tutorial that details how to rip DVD movies to iTunes video files, ready to transfer to your iPad/iPhone/iPod:

Note: If you are using a Mac, please go to How to Convert DVD to iTunes Format on Mac

Import DVD Movie

Click "File -> Open DVD..." to import the DVD movie from your DVD drive. Alternatively, you can click the "Open DVD" button to import the DVD movie you are going to watch on your iPod/iPhone.

import DVD

If the DVD movies is saved as a folder on your hard drive, you need to click the "Add Video" button to locate that folder, which is composed of two separate folders: VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS. From the VIDEO_TS folder, select the .vob file to import and then click "OK".

Note: Apart from DVD ripping feature, Clone2Go DVD Ripper can also be used to convert video files and download YouTube videos for iPod, iPhone, iPad, and a lot more mobile devices.

Tip: If you want to merge several DVD chapters/titles into one single file, just multi-select them and choose "Edit -> Merge Output". What's more, Clone2Go DVD Ripper supports batch importing video files and batching convert DVD/video files.

Trim the video

If you just need a clip of the DVD movie for viewing on your iPod/iPhone, you can drag the "Start to trim" and "Stop to trim" buttons to get the certain segment of the DVD movie.

trim DVD trim DVD

You can also specify the "Start Time" and "Stop time" at the bottom right panel of the interface (under "Profile").

Choose a profile

Since you are going to watch the DVD movies on your iPod/iPhone, you need to choose the output video format compatible with iTunes. From the drop-down list of "Profile", you will see profile categories including "Apple iPod", "Apple iPhone", and "Apple TV". The formats in the corresponding categories are just for iPod Touch, iPod Classic, iPod Touch and iPhone. That's to say, the videos generated with these formats can be added to your iTunes Library.

choose profile customize profile

Tip: If you are still not very satisfied with the profile you choose, you can customize it for yourself.

Start to encode

Now you can click the "Start Encode" button to starting ripping the DVD moive to iTunes for iPod/iPhone.

Tip: The output video files are easily available by clicking the "Folder" button on the main menu after the ripping/converting process is done.

Transfer the DVD movie to iPod/iPhone

Launch iTunes. Click "File -> Add File to Library...". Select the video file from the output folder and click "OK". Navigate to "Movies" tab and you will see the video. You can double click to play it.

import dvd to itunes

Connect your iPad/iPhone/iPod to your PC and transfer the video to your iPad/iPhone/iPod with the sync of iTunes library.

Now you can take your favorite DVD movies on the road!

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